2018 Wedding Gown Trends

2018 Wedding Gown Trends There are many fabulous bridal fashion trends coming in 2018, one of the top trends is wedding dresses with black details. My favorite! Many fashion designers showcased wedding dresses with black accents on the runways. Black never gets out of style and will always be a classic color that flatters the white… Read More

Damaged romanticism

Damaged romanticism “romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor exact truth, but in the way of feeling.” – Charles Baudelaire The title suggests a love affair gone awry, but there is precious little romanticism to be found in ‘Damaged Romanticism.’  There is however art that doesn’t live up to big ideas. Damaged… Read More

Purpose of life

Purpose of life According to one definition, a sense of purpose is characterized as having goals in life and a sense of direction; feeling there is meaning to present and past life; holding beliefs that give life purpose; having aims and objectives for living. In other words, recognizing what you want out of life and… Read More

Self Reflection

Self-Reflection  ‘Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality’ – Shawn Ashmore A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when a belief that is untrue influences the behavior of people in such a way that the belief becomes true in the end. This concept, of false beliefs influencing action in a way that then makes the… Read More


Atelophobia  “have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali Atelophobia is defined as the fear of not doing something right or the fear of not being good enough. In other words, it’s a fear of imperfection. Etymologically, the word atelophobia is compised of two greek words: the prefix atelo(s) means imperfect… Read More