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From heaven to hell and back again life is a funny thing. Beauty can come from the strangest of places, Even the most disgusting places. – Alexander McQueen

 The Wedding Scoop — 2018

Good news for all you bride-to-be’s who want to put a unique twist on your bridal style: the white wedding dresses is no longer the only dress in town. And, lucky for you, this pretty trend has become increasingly available now that designers are creating pastel masterpieces. From mint to lilac, these pastel wedding dresses are sweeping the bridal industry with no signs of slowing down.



Engagement ring shapes

With so many to choose between, we have rounded up the top five engagement ring shapes for modern brides.

The princess cut is the second most popular shape for an engagement ring. Suitable for almost any ring style, its pyramid shape with 58 facets and four bevelled sides increases light dispersion and helps hide inclusions. Tiffany Grace ring (from $10877.62).

Pear-shaped engagement rings have an elongating effect, making them the ideal choice for those not blessed with long, slender fingers. Very glamorous, it’s not surprising that they grace the hands of many celebrities, including Victoria Beckham. De Beers Classic ring (from $10227.33.

 Heart-shaped engagement rings are arguably the most romantic of them all. They look best in a solitaire setting or framed by pavé diamonds like this Boodles Vintage engagement ring (from $6502.00)

 Originally used for emeralds, hence the name, this shape rose to popularity in the Art Deco era. The vintage-style silhouette of an emerald cut makes it an elegant choice, but bear in mind that the flat surface will emphasise any flaws or inclusions. Harry Kotlar ring ($4469.00).

 By far the most popular shape, a round brilliant-cut solitaire is a timeless engagement ring that will never date, but this versatile diamond shape also looks fabulous with a halo surround like Andrew Geoghegan’s Clair de Lune ring ($4043.64) or as part of a three-stone design.

 The hard truth about birthstone engagement rings


Not all birthstones are durable enough for daily wear, so speak to an expert to avoid making a costly mistake. “A lot of people are going in that direction,” says Florence, who has created engagement rings set with sapphires and alexandrite for women with these birthstones. “Everyone feels attracted to their birthstone, and jewelry represents who we are, so birthstones are the perfect point to begin.”

Non-diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, and unless your betrothed’s birthday falls in April – the month that claims diamond as its birthstone – this method allows you to introduce some color. A dreamily azure aquamarine for March, a classic blue sapphire for September or a vivid blue topaz for December, perhaps.

The idea of birthstones dates back to ancient times when the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Persians and Indians all assigned different gemstones to each month of the year. According to the stories behind birthstones, legend has it that wearing a gemstone during its assigned month boosts its healing and therapeutic powers.

Birthstones are a fantastic way to add a special meaning to jewelry and make great gifts to mark a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other memorable occasion.


Rose gold engagement rings

Rose gold has emerged as a leading trend in fine jewellery in recent years. With a subtle warm glow that is both sophisticated and romantic, it’s no wonder that it has now filtered down into the engagement ring category.

The feminine rosy hue is flattering for all skin tones, and while it perfectly complements a crisp white diamond it also looks spectacular paired with coloured gemstones such as pink or black diamonds. First popularised in the Victorian era, rose gold also has a timeless vintage appeal so it works very well with older diamond cuts like rose, old mine and old European.

Pink diamond engagement rings

Colored gemstones are becoming an increasingly popular choice for brides-to-be who want a more unique center stone than the ubiquitous white diamond. Pink diamond engagement rings in particular are enjoying a moment in the spotlight, which is hardly surprising given their irresistible beauty and extreme rarity.

Fancy diamond cuts

The round brilliant has been the most popular diamond cut for many decades and there is no denying that its scintillating sparkle makes it the perfect candidate for a center stone. Recently, however, we have seen a growing trend for women to veer away from the round-cut solitaire in favor of more unusual fancy cuts. Vintage-inspired cuts such as the pear, cushion and emerald have seen an upsurge in popularity

Halo settings

Halo-style engagement rings, where a row of smaller diamonds orbits the center stone, have also surged in popularity recently and with good reason. Not only does a halo setting add an extra layer of sparkle to your engagement ring, it will also make the center stone look bigger than it actually is, giving you more carats for your money. Diamonds or colored gemstones of almost all shapes and sizes can be accented with a halo and the smaller stones can be pavé, channel or invisible-set. A halo is also a practical choice as it acts as a protective shield to guard the center stone from everyday wear and tear.

Horizontally set diamonds

Elongated center stones such as oval, pear, emerald or marquise-shaped gems are traditionally set vertically, with the longest part of the stone stretching down the finger. Also known as an East-West setting, turning a center stone on to its side instantly creates a fresh look.

Split-shank engagement rings

Split-shank engagement rings have a band that splits into two strands at the crown with open spaces that elegantly frame the center stone. Usually the two bands are set with diamond pavé and the result is an intricate yet graceful design that complements many different diamond shapes. If the split shank is combined with a halo design, the effect is even more striking. Tiffany’s Lucida engagement ring is a perfect example of how a split band tapering out from the central diamond can give a contemporary feel to an otherwise classic design, while the split shank in Maniamania’s ring gives it an authentic vintage look.

Unusual engagement ring designs

If you’re looking for an unconventional engagement ring, there are a myriad of choices out there for break-the-mold brides who want to steer clear of the generic diamond solitaire. From colored gemstones to unusual settings, there has never been a more fun time to hunt down quirky designs.

My personal pick is ultra chic modern, black diamond engagement ring something like this.


Princess Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold or Yellow Gold Three Stones Black Diamond Ring Proposal Ring Anniversary Ring ON ETSY.COM FOR


Obsessed with Victorian and vintage-inspired styles? Travel back in time and indulge in the distinct Victorian and vintage-inspired styles of every prominent era. Take a small piece of history everywhere you go!


Statement Earrings


Statement earrings are a great way to showcase personal style while showing off your wedding hairstyle at the same time.

Move over statement necklaces, there is a new show-stopping accessory sweeping wedding aisles everywhere. Statement earrings are a great way to showcase personal style while showing off your wedding hairstyle at the same time.

The earring are a classic twist on the simple diamond earring stud drawing attention to your flawless makup and perfectly coiffed hairdo.

We already know how cool geodes are. Mix it with the blush  accessory trend and it is a winning combination. These blush geode statement earrings are both feminine and unique. After your wedding day, wear them out with jeans and a white tee for a casual dressed up look.

Another trending theme for weddings are jeweled tones. Not just for the mother of the bride jewelry, these dazzling beauties definitely deserve some attention. From the intricate design to the gorgeous colors, these earrings would look great with a simple and minimal wedding dress.


From colored gems to split shanks, let this be your guide to the hottest styles of what engagement rings are in fashion right now and the jewelry accessories to go with.

The Struggle of Self-Realization

“Embracing human frailty, fallibility, and heartbreaking aloneness is crucial for any person seeking to attain self-actualization and self-realization.” death

Ordinary human existence is a finite experience marked by episodes of pleasure, but these moments of satisfaction are punctuated by periods of pain and change. It is not possible to reach fulfillment from a life within these boundaries, as an attachment to a changing world represents a connection that is tied to non-permanence. In cases of this tie to an erratic, unpredictable reality, we are undercut by the flux of the world, and ultimately made vulnerable by this change, and we cannot experience ultimate fulfillment.

In Horney’s view, the key difference between neurosis and healthy growth is the difference between compulsive actions fueled by anxiety and spontaneous actions fueled by one’s full range of emotions. If a person grows up able to maintain his or her spontaneity, that person grows up by a process which Horney calls self-realization. Horney describes self-realization as the development of a person’s given potentialities and compares it with the process of an acorn growing, given fertile soil, into a tree.

The principal subject of the book, however, is what happens when a person’s spontaneity is crushed in early life. The person will slowly lose touch with that spontaneity or “real self“, and develop, instead, a reactive self which is constructed to respond to dangers of various kinds. If a child’s early environment is such that the child grows up seeing the world as basically hostile, compulsive actions will predominate and the child will grow up devoted to allaying anxiety. This development and its consequences for the adult personality are what Horney calls neurosis.

Neurosis Is a relatively mild mental illness that is not caused by organic disease, involving symptoms of stress (depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior, hypochondria) but not a radical loss of touch with reality. Neurosis may be defined simply as a “poor ability to adapt to one’s environment, an inability to change one’s life patterns, and the inability to develop a richer, more complex, more satisfying personality.”[1] neurosis should not be mistaken for psychosis, which refers to a loss of touch with reality. Neither should it be mistaken for neuroticism, which is a fundamental personality trait.

Symptoms may include anxiety, sadness or depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion, low sense of self-worth, etc., behavioral symptoms such as phobic avoidance, vigilance, impulsive and compulsive acts, lethargy, etc., cognitive problems such as unpleasant or disturbing thoughts, repetition of thoughts and obsession, habitual fantasizing, negativity and cynicism, etc. Interpersonally, neurosis involves dependency, aggressiveness, perfectionism, schizoid isolation, socio-culturally inappropriate behaviors, etc.[1]

But with such beliefs in an autonomous striving towards self-realization we do not need the hard steel prison bars with which to shackle our immoral judgments and spontaneity from, nor the constant judgment by loved ones to become a perfectionist. There is no doubt that such disciplinary actions can and do succeed in suppressing undesirable factors that come up in our life but there is also no doubt they are injurious to our personal growth and wellbeing to succeed as human beings. We do not need to be shackled or confined for such acts but rather aided in finding the emotional support needed to seek a better outcome in life and the possibility of dealing with such destructive forces within ourselves more appropriately. And to see the possibility of outgrowing them is a measure of success that cannot be rewarded but rather humbly and graciously appreciated in all forms of acceptance. The way towards the goal is an ever-increasing awareness and understanding of ourselves, our problems and our addictions. for self-knowledge then is not an aim itself but a means of liberating the forces of the anomaly that grows inside of us and inhibits us from leading productive lives in society.

As human beings we struggle with attempts to overcome the obstructions that come from our unawareness. Unawareness means unreality, untruth. Untruth produces suffering. This might also be expressed as the struggle between spirit and matter. Matter is a result of unawareness, unreality, untruth. Humanity has attempted mastery over matter in many ways, but in the final analysis it must always mean mastery over untruth in you, personally. Only when you become aware of your own untruth can you finally overcome it.

Only as you discover your own unreality, wrong conclusions, pseudo-solutions, evasions, will you reach the core of your being. Slowly but surely you will begin to act and react from your core, rather than from the erroneous and distorted superimpositions. Only when you act and react from the core of your very individuality will you reach and affect the core of others, regardless of whether they themselves work on such a path. This follows the law of affinity, the attraction of similar and repulsion of dissimilar substances. The law of affinity and  law of attraction respond to all thoughts, whether these thoughts are in response to something ‘real’ that is currently occurring in our reality, or to something we are imagining. Instead of focusing on a current reality that is distasteful or disappointing and thinking thoughts related to it, remove your focus from the situation at hand and instead “Imagine” your reality as you would like it to be. In doing so, you will manifest your purest and healthiest desires.

‘Excellence is an art form won by training and habitually. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit’ –Aristotle


  1. B boerie, c. George (2002). “a bio-social theory of neurosis”. Retrieved 2009-04-21.
  2. ‘Neurosis and human growth’ by Karen Horney



You want your wedding to be perfect so the first step is to choose the right date. You don’t want to set a wedding date and then find out that key people cannot attend. So we have done the research for you to help you find the best wedding dates and those that are less desirable!

Dates you might want to think twice about include:


Beware The Ides of March when Julius Caesar was assassinated. William Shakespeare made this date famous as the most superstitiously unlucky date which is Thursday March 15 2018 and Friday March 15 2019.

Friday the Thirteenth has long had a reputation as unlucky so you may want to avoid 13th April 2018, 13th July 2018, 13th September 2019 and 13th December 2019

Halloween is on Wednesday Oct 31st 2018 and Thursday Oct 31st 2019 so avoid those dates unless you want to have a Halloween themed wedding.

April Fool’s day is supposed to be unlucky – at least before 12 noon so take care if you want to marry in the morning of Sunday April 1st 2018 or Monday 1st April 2019, especially if you have friends who are pranksters!


Unless you are happy with the competition, best avoid May 19th 2018 when Prince Harry plans to marry Meghan Markle

Easter is March 30 to April 2 in 2018 and 19 to 22nd April 2019

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13 2018 and Sunday May 12 2019

Father’s Day is Sunday September 2nd 2018 and Sunday 1st September 2019


If you want the groom and his friends to be most attentive at your wedding then best avoid clashing with major sporting events

AFL Grand Final is 29th September 2018 and 28th September 2019

NRL Grand Final is 30th September 2018 and 29th September 2019

The Melbourne Cup is 6th November 2018 and 5th November 2019

The Winter Olympics in South Korea is from 9th February to 25th February 2018

The Commonwealth Games is on at the Gold Coast from 4th April 2018 to 15th April 2018

The FIFA World Cup in Russia is from 14th June 2018 to 15th July 2018

Prince Harry’s Invictus Games is on in Sydney from 20 – 27 October 2018

The rugby World Cup is in Japan from 20th September to 2nd November 2019.

If you avoid these dates then your wedding can be perfect and free from distractions or superstitions.


You will want to pick the best date to get married so maybe start with this famous old poem.

“A January bride will be a prudent housekeeper and very good tempered

A February bride will be an affectionate wife and a tender mother

A March bride will be a frivolous chatterbox somewhat given to quarrelling

An April bride will be inconsistent or forceful but wellmeaning

A May bride will be handsome, agreeable and practical

A June bride will be impetuous and generous

A July bride will be handsome but a trifle quick tempered

An August bride will be agreeable and practical as well

A September bride will be discreet, affable and much liked

An October bride will be pretty, coquettish, loving but jealous

A November bride will be liberal and kind but sometimes cold

A December bride will be fond of novelty, entertaining but extravagant”.

You don’t need to take the poem too seriously but we can help you find good dates to marry in 2018 and 2019.

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday 14th February 2018 and Thursday 14th February 2019 – both great days to get married so long as you don’t want lots of red roses as that may well break the bank.


The Chinese believe that any date that ends in an 8 or 9 are particularly lucky as 8 symbolises infinity and 9 represents fulfilment. Feng Shui logic says the 8th, 9th, 18th, 19th, 28th and 29th are great wedding dates. Alternatively, any date that adds up to 8 is especially favoured for commitment so the 17th and 26th are also lucky days as well.

The 8th day of the 8th month is especially favoured by the Chinese which is why the Beijing Olympics opened on 08/08/2008. The 8th of August is a Wednesday in 2018 and a Thursday in 2019.


To help your groom remember his anniversary more easily you may want to choose a date that is easier to remember such as 08/01/18 or 18/05/18, 19/01/19 or. The 18th of August 2018 (18/08/18) is particularly auspicious.


The Irish believe that getting married on New Year’s Eve is very lucky as the couple will wake up for their first day as husband and wife on the first day of the new year.


The sixth month is considered a good month for marriages since the month is named after Juno the Roman Goddess of marriage.


At the end of the day you must choose a day that is right for you. This maybe the anniversary of when you met or when you got engaged, a special birthday or a date that honours your parents or grandparents. Whatever you choose, if it has special meaning for you, it will be the right date.

Brandi Allen September 6, 2018


The trend of having mismatched bridesmaid dresses has grown increasingly in popularity over the last few years, but this is one trend we hope never goes away! We love how fun and interesting the different dresses can look together and how they allow each bridesmaid to showcase their individuality. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses also relieve some of the pressure of trying to find one dress that fits all the different body types in your bridal party as well as their personal style preferences. However, executing this unique look is not always easy and often results in a disjointed-looking bridal party. Below are some tips for curating a cohesive mismatched bridesmaid dress collection.


Keep the dresses the same length

One thing all of the swoon-worthy mismatched bridal party photos on Pinterest have in common is that the bridesmaid dresses are all the same length. Having mixed hems makes it very difficult to create a cohesive look.


Only vary two features

If all of the dresses are wildly different it will start to look confusing. Allowing the bridesmaid dresses to vary in only two ways will help prevent that, examples are different necklines and colors but the dresses are all in the same fabric or having all of the dresses in different fabric and necklines but keeping them the same color.


Shades of color

The little swatches of fabric in the color books often look different when used in a full dress, the best way to get the color combination you want is to go to the bridal store and the dresses on a rack together. It is also a good idea to pre-assign a color to each girl, that way you avoid any disagreements down the road.


Help them out

If you letting your bridesmaid choose their dresses outside of the bridal store, try to go with them when they go shopping. This will prevent the girls from showing up in ten different shades of navy that do not photograph very well!


Narrow down the choices

Pre-select the colors and styles you like at the bridal shot before your actual appointment and let them choose their favorite, it will save lots of time and confusion when you are all together.

Now that he’s put a ring on it, its time to start the quest for the perfect dress!

Hold on. There is more to finding the gown than pinning a dress on Pinterest. Before you ever step foot in a boutique, do your preliminary research.

#1 Budget

The first thing you need to do is discuss the budget and who will be paying for the wedding. When you have that pinned down, move on to booking the venue. Now you are ready to dive into the really fun part, choosing your gown. The gown typically costs 10% of your total budget but allow for alterations, veil, headpiece and jewelry. The average price of a dress is $1500.

#2 Do Your Research

Set up a group pinterest board and invite the people closest to you to pin any ideas they think you might be interested in. Keep in mind that dresses look different on these models than they will on you and many of them are $10,000 plus. The point is, usually there is a pattern to what you like and that will be helpful when you begin shopping.

Decide where you want to shop.  You can purchase on the internet, in a big-box chain, or an intimate bridal boutique. A wedding gown is something you absolutely need to try on and the experience of shopping in a relaxed atmosphere with the most important people in your life is priceless. If it is important to you that you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day, then it is best to choose an independent bridal boutique. A bridal boutique has inventory from many different designers so you will have a much larger choice of styles to choose from.

Most brides are taking a full year to plan their wedding. It can take four to five months to special order the gown in your size and color. We recommend shopping for the gown eight to twelve months before the wedding. Once the gown is ordered, the rest of your planning can fall into place much easier.

#3 Book an Appointment

Plan on 90 minutes for your first appointment. If you are someone who wants to include everyone in the process, please plan the first appointment with the two people you trust the most. Narrow your choices down to three dresses at the most and then invite the entourage to come and give their two cents. Ultimately, you shouldn’t let anyone be overly influential. No one knows how you feel in the dress. This is one occasion when you need to listen to your intuition.

Be open-minded. Ninety percent of brides leave with something different than what they had in mind. It’s impossible to tell what a dress will look like on your body just from seeing it on a hanger.  Even if you love the first dress, try on a few more to be convinced this is your dress. Once a dress is ordered, it is your gown. You don’t want to wake up the day after and wish you had tried more. On the other hand, you can try on too many. Then you just get confused and could end up with the wrong dress. So, try enough to be sure but not too many that you just end up getting overwhelmed. And do not let friends and family stress you out. This is your day, it should be your decision in the end.

#4 Ordering the Gown

You’ve decided on your dress. Now you need to decide the color and size. There are gowns that come in five different colors and some that come in just one, ivory. They do not make white wedding dresses anymore usually white is considered ivory. But Just choose what looks best on you and compliments the wedding. venue. As for size, buy the size you are now. Most brides say they are going to lose weight and it doesn’t happen. It is easier to take it in than let it out. Bridal sizing is bigger that retail sizing so get good measurements and order according to the chart.

Make sure you understand the policies of the store. Most will take half down and the balance when the dress arrives. Just realize the store is extending credit to you, it is a final sale. Gowns cannot be canceled, returned, or credit given.

#5 Alterations

Some stores hire a seamstress and charge enough to pay her plus a profit. At my store, we have an onsite independent contractor. She comes to the store for your fittings and she sets the price. I am not adding anything to the cost. Some stores will take a month or more to complete the work. My seamstress normally finishes in two weeks.

Before you decide on a gown, get a general estimate on the cost of alterations. They can vary greatly from store to store. If you decide to take it outside for alterations, it can be hard to find someone to do them.

Only let an experienced seamstress work on your gown. A well altered gown will make a big difference. And no last minute alterations can be done. If it is the week of your wedding and your dress doesn’t fit, it might be too late to get it fixed so plan accordingly.

#6 The Extras

Be aware of the added services you will need. You will need a garment bag to transport the gown without getting it dirty.  You need a place to keep it from the time it arrives until the wedding. You will need a final pressing on the dress. These things are provided free of charge at Lasting Bridal in Addison TX click here to see some of their dresses!


Finding the right style for your body shape

Two very important elements of your wedding dress are that you absolutely love your dress & that it truly flatters your body shape. This is the winning combination.

Now we know that the love of your life loves you ‘just the way you are’ however that doesn’t stop you wanting them to gasp in awe at your beauty as you walk up that aisle!

Finding the right wedding dress silhouette for your body shape is going to get you there.

We have debunked the Wedding Dress Lingo for you to help you search & find the right dress for your body shape.

The silhouette refers to the shape of the dress. Follow this simple guide to bring you closer to your perfect wedding dress.



The ultimate full skirt, this dramatic silhouette is very forgiving on the lower body & the slim cut bodice accentuates the waist.  Ideal for most body types, petites be careful it doesn’t overwhelm your small frame.

ballgown wedding dress shape silhouette


Straight slender lines have a lengthening effect.  This silhouette radiates a simple modern feel & will show off your figure. Great for petites & hourglass shapes.

sheath wedding dress shape silhouette


The high waist design of the Empire silhouette starts just under the bust with a continuous flow of the fabric right to the hem.  It adds length & skims over the tummy & hips making it a great choice for brides who want to camouflage these areas.

empire wedding dress shape silhouette


Great silhouette to show off curves. Fitted on the body & then kicks out at the knees to a fuller skirt. Fit and Flare is similar to the mermaid, this skirt tends to flare from the low hip. Both fantastic for slender & hourglass shapes.

mermaid wedding dress shape silhouette


The balanced lines of this silhouette resemble the letter ‘A’. This will cinch in at the waist & camouflage hips. Works well with structured or flowing fabrics. Can be a ‘full A-line’ or a ‘modified/slim A-line’ which will fit closer to the hips. Ideal for all body types.

a-line wedding dress shape silhouette

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